Belle Teawillow


I am another blurry face in the crowd.

Just like you, I go about my life as just another member of society. I have my studies, work, household duties, and my friends. But how does one set themselves apart from the crowd?

Is it the interests we have?
– I enjoy writing, cooking, video games, photography, and music.

Is it the people we surround ourselves with?
– I have two cats, a small group of friends, and distant relatives.

Is it the work that we do or the subjects we study?
– I worked jobs ranging from kids, to tutoring, to food.
– I study Professional and Creative Writing.

No, I don’t think this defines who we are, or who I am. However, I believe that these things can lead us to finding out who someone is. These separate questions and answers are the beginning of the deeper understanding of a person, if you are willing to do the work.

“What affects us?” is only part of the question.
“How does it affect us?”
“Why does it affect us?”

The essence of a person can be defined within one or all of these three questions. Answering the first is probably the simplest out of the three. The second is the physical, emotional, or mental response our bodies and minds have to the first. But the third is the hardest to answer, because it is often buried deep in our pasts and locked away in our minds.

You may not know me. I am just another blurry face in the crowd. But I offer, to you, something people hide from the rest of the world, something we hide from ourselves by droning through the days of mundane. Here, I pour the ever expanding internal universe of my mind.