Restless, my fellow Kit-Kats and I watched the faces of prospective buyers pass by our bag sitting in Aisle 7. Other candies surrounded us, sitting in the same aisle: the candy aisle. Not only did bags of other Kit-Kats lay with us, but Skittles, Twix, M&Ms, Mike & Ikes, and so many more anxiously looked up at our chances of freedom as they passed. “Halloween” with orange and black decorated most of our bags, us fun-sized bars sticking together under our banners of spiders and pumpkins. This year, it seemed the full-sized Pixi-Stix were the most popular, but the orange Kit-Kats would always rank number one. And today was our chance.

An elderly woman with a thin and grey-ing bun on top of her head picked up our bag, my lefty twin humming of excitement. Lefty wouldn’t shut up, going on and on about “trick-or-treating” and “pillowcases.” I gave Lefty a nudge and a shush. The woman seemed to be pleased with our bag and bought us. Cheers muffled by our respective individual wrappers were loud enough for all the Kit-Kats in our bag to hear. Other candies in the aisle were of mixed feelings: some were cheering with us, others looked on with hope towards the other last-minute candy shoppers making their way through. She bought us and took us home. We filled a ceramic green and yellow bowl on that Halloween night. But the most memorable thing, was when a little ghost, no more than 4, took Lefty and I in his tiny little hand, and gasped with joy.


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