The subway stopped suddenly inside the tunnel. Those who weren’t on their phones, tablets, or reading the newspaper began the murmuring first. Geo felt the lurch of the train as it came to a halt and unplugged one of his headphones from his ear. Those more attentive were becoming louder with their concerns. Since the train was sectioned off into different cars, no one could quite figure out what was going on. Geo stood and whispered his “excuse me”s to the people he passed on his way to the front window. He looked through and waved to the other confused people in the car just ahead of theirs. A couple ladies in nearest to the other window put their hands up to signal their loss as well. Luckily, it appeared that there were no casualties throughout the train, the information being passed through charades between car windows.

Someone in the back near the railing tried pushing the emergency intercom button that connects to the conductor’s car. Loud static coerced a deafening silence from the people in Geo’s train car. An electric blip sound cut off the static. It was so silent in their space that they all heard the cars in front of them becoming louder and louder. Geo slowly turned and watched the two women from before in the car ahead of him turn with horror twisting their faces. The lights in the car before them shut down. Then theirs. Then Geo’s. Darkness fell amongst them like an anvil.


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