Mother’s Melody

The melody of the music box soothed me. The gentle song that I didn’t even know the name of was a tune that teems to transcend even my earliest memories. Somehow, I felt the melody in my soul. My mother used to tell me how she would put these “pregnancy headphones” around her belly when I was in the womb and would play the song. I remember laughing when she sat me down when I was 22 and told me all about the articles she found on what to do for the baby when you’re is pregnant. She apparently went on this crazy diet and demanded a chair in the shower so she never had to stand in the tub. Mother showed me all sorts of pictures from her pregnancy with me and baby pictures from the hospital. Only for a few years in my middle school time period did I question why I never had a dad in any of the pictures. Mother told me it was simply for the best. I trusted her.

7 years since my mother’s passing, I stumbled across this tune. It was one of those nights where you accidentally sit up on Youtube until 3 in the morning watching god knows what. I didn’t remember how I got to the tune, but maybe the song found me instead. The warmth of my laptop spread into my hands and down through my thighs. Leaning my short curly hair against the headboard of my bed, I closed my eyes to listen to the melody.


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