Late Night Assignments

Sun shone through the blinds and birds twittered from the branches of the tree outside the window; it was going to be one of those days. I was still stuck at my computer desk, typing up another god-awful assignment. 6 in the morning and I hadn’t slept. Looking at my couch behind me, I watched in envy at my two cats sleeping together, all cuddled up and fluffy. A grumble of a complaint whispered from my exhausted lips. I detached my aching limbs from my computer chair with a groan and a stretch. “Coffee…”

Gurgling bubbles of dark roast sounded behind me as I leaned my small frame against the kitchen counter. The smell of being able to function in the living waking world of society filled my apartment to the brim. Dark roast hope flowed into my nostrils and down through my lungs. For the first time in 7 hours since starting the assignment, I smiled.

Somewhere in the distance, my phone vibrated to let me know I got an email. After a quick search, I found the annoying device in the crevasse between my bed and the wall. Coffee in my favorite mug and snuggling back down into my work station did the trick. I was all ready to dive back in. Before I did, I checked my email.

Our 9 am class today will be cancelled. Please have your assignment ready for our next class period.


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