Hues (6)

Hey there! If you are just joining Kai’s adventure in “Hues,” please go to the List page or click on the title here to read Hues, Hues (2), Hues (3), Hues (4), and Hues (5) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thanks for reading!

The canvas of white breathed with life as my brushstrokes left connecting lines of red over the fleshy tones underneath. I shaped the canvas I painted on to better accommodate the art I created. Sometimes that meant cutting cloth, other times that meant removing a piece. Paint splattered on my light gray sweatshirt, but that was okay. My art is breathtakingly beautiful. It is my purpose – my calling in life. To have that paint spill from the canvas and spray onto me was an honor. Every stroke of my brush is filled with purpose. Patience is a virtue when working on a masterpiece, and I had all the patience in the world. Hues covered my hands so the spots of skin showing through seemed like paint instead. It slowly crusted to a brown.

I grinned at my artistic achievement through excited eyes. The grey underneath them expressed the bodily exhaustion from sleepless nights that I couldn’t feel. I was now the only thing breathing in that forest.

Adrenaline beat my heart with joy, my breath now heavy from the strength it took to take the woman’s will to fight from her. She struggled until shock eventually took her mind. She didn’t last long after that. It’s simply no fun after they’ve stopped moving. At my feet, laid the young woman. Her long and curly hair splayed behind her curled position. I righted her on her back and positioned her arms and legs in a peaceful, almost sleeping, way. A beautiful red framed a circle around her restful figure.

Her shirt was frayed, but cut enough so the lower part of her torso was revealed to the heavens. I set my carving tool off to the side near her arm. Although carvings of purity covered most of her body, I left this spot for the very end. For my closure.

With the hum of a tune at my lips, I dipped a drying hand into the frame under my canvas, my favorite color freshly coating it once more. I drew with my fingers, an eye. It pierced through the trees, getting lost above the clouds into the starry night sky. Following its example, I swung my hand just above the eye as a finishing touch, spraying flecks and spots to match the Milky Way.


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