Hues (4)

Hey there! If you are just joining Kai’s adventure in “Hues,” please go to the List page or click on the title here to read Hues, Hues (2), and Hues (3) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thanks for reading!

James frowned, “So you were an art student at Fairway with an obsession over a woman you had never met?”

I nodded quietly. He seemed to grow frustrated, “Was that the manifestation of the whisperings and words you were talking about?” My leg bounced under the desk as I nodded again.
“Tell me about the episodes, Kai.”


I sat on the linoleum of my dorm room floor. My arms held my knees to my chest; I couldn’t help rocking back and forth. All of the mirrors in my room showed me a man with disheveled messy hair and darkening eyes. He laughed. That laughter followed me no matter where I went. The mirrors lied to me, a sense of betrayal that turned fear into rage. Shards and cuts on my hands were all that was left of the mirrors. I looked around, seeking an escape, comfort, release, anything.

My canvases weren’t right anymore; I saw her, but a distortion curled her mouth into screams. Her hands would reach towards me. I yelled at her to stop it. I screamed as she tormented me, trying to cover her face with my hands. Reds from cuts on my hands dripped down the canvas I touched. Paint mixed of reds and purples, her body moaning with pain in the physical distortion of the canvas. She didn’t stop.

I grabbed the steak knife I kept with my dishes and stabbed into the canvas. Over and over, I ripped the piece to shreds of wavering cloth. Tears stung my flushed face and the hard floor was beginning bruises on my knees.

My chest heaved with intense breaths that infected people after a workout. The canvases around the dorm returned to normal as I looked around with relief. It felt comforting to rid myself of her pained and judgmental eyes. The knife dropped the short distance to the floor.


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