Hues (3)

Hey there! If you are just joining Kai’s adventure in “Hues,” please go to the List page or click on the title here to read Hues, and Hues (2) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thanks for reading!

I was wearing my favorite grey sweatshirt. My favorite part was the kangaroo pocket in front so I could put my hands in together. It was soft, and I often used it when I was painting. The sky above was overcast and a light chill shook those who didn’t bring jackets. It was supposed to be sunny that day on campus.

I struggled at all my classes except one: art. I began taking art classes halfway through my first year at Fairway University, and it became my obsession. My canvases filled with my mind, my heart, my soul. My professor claimed I was one of his best pupils in his years of teaching. I painted everything I saw, heard, or felt. I stopped attending my other classes so that I could paint. Or… That’s what I told myself.

Days at a time would go by, and I would wake up thinking they had gone by so boringly that I simply didn’t remember. This happened about once a month. Gradually, I heard whisperings in the hallways. They turned into actual words after a few weeks. When they grew louder, I spent more time in the art studio. My canvas turned what I heard into beauty. They were abstracts before they turned into darker, more realistic paintings that worried my professor. A model body with shading as perfect as that caused by the sun formed herself onto my page. She was on her side, slightly curled, with dark curly hair splayed behind her. It was breathtaking. But my professor was concerned. She was covered in cuts of red and bruises of purple.

Night after night, I would return to the studio to paint the woman. It gave me a sense of release, almost peace. My small single dorm room filled with canvases of her. Though I had no idea who she was. Only one painting in my room wasn’t her. It was my signature symbol that I signed all my pieces with. An eye looked to the heavens with a space background filled with stars. The dusty Milky Way sprayed diagonally across it. Honestly, it had taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted my signature to be, but when I came up with this, I knew it was the right one. For me, it meant repentance.


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