A tightness embraced my arms and torso: a hug, but from myself. An insane laughter filled the tiny, white room. Nothing but a wooden desk, a chair to match, and a black screen that never turned on sat with me. The sound reverberated in the room, wrapping around my very being with yet another layer of embrace. I shuddered with the sound, wrenching my restraints to get away from it. But even if the browning jacket released me, I couldn’t escape it. It came from me.

A deranged young man stared back at me through the blank screen just beyond my desk. His hair is disheveled and looks as if his short brown mess hadn’t been tamed in months. An inhuman grin opened and laughed again. I stared numbly at my reflection through my own eyes, the muscles in my cheeks hurting from overuse. I couldn’t stop it.


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