One of Many

The vast expanse of darkness stretches onto unseen edges laying in the shadows just beyond eyesight. The dark just barely enough to see outlines and figures. Creaks and groans, whispering incoherent voices pass from ear-to-ear, as if circling around, and the sound of droplets steadily and slowly dripping into water somewhere.

A slithering and footsteps step quietly in a puddle nearby. Everywhere is empty, black nothingness without buildings or objects to flee to. It approaches, the air thickening to soup with panic. Anxious breaths escape into the void. Still, it approaches.

A frame of skin and bones with a long, thick tail. Spikes on the back, shoulder blades, and behind the bend in its werewolf-like legs. They drip with a maroon and grey liquid. Large bat ears compensate for the seemingly empty eye sockets. Long, spindly fingers reach forward, sensing. Fur on its head moves to the side to reveal a tiny white dot within the eye sockets. It sees.

The monster, this demon, grins with a mouth unfeasibly big for its head. Silvery grey teeth reveal themselves as its jaw nearly unhinges and a long forked tongue spills out to the length of its arms. An inhuman scream, unbearably loud, filled the massive expanse of blackness, spilling over the edges of this mind prison.


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