A Change in Pace (7)

Hey there! If you are just joining Lu’s adventure in “A Change in Pace,” please go to the List page or click on the links here and read A Change in PaceA Change in Pace (2), A Change in Pace (3), A Change in Pace (4)A Change in Pace (5), and A Change in Pace (6) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thank’s for reading!

I woke up and he was gone. I stood up too fast and my vision spun. “Mom?! Is today Monday?!” I yelled through the house, trying to get to the door while my vision still recovered. I would be late for school. I achieved my goal of opening the door, nearly falling in the process, and was caught by two strong arms: That’s not my mom. I looked up to meet his stark green eyes, “Wh-who..? Oh.”

He steadied me on my feet and let go, “She’s gone. Work possibly. Does she work on Saturdays?” He walked out of my room and into the kitchen, expecting me to follow. I did, “Sat-ur-day?” I answered dumbly. “Oh!” I shook my head with a laugh; I was never coherent in the mornings, “Yeah, my mom works on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Someone had been cooking, and for a split second, I thought my mom had left something on the stove. Then I rounded the corner into the kitchen and the guy was making breakfast. I closed my eyes and let the smells of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Mhmm, it all smelled so good. “When is breakfast done?” I was excited, and it showed.

“Now. Will you please get the plates?”

I nodded and grabbed out two. I was surprised my black and white dog Loki wasn’t going crazy over this new person in the house. Instead, Loki was laying lazily on the couch, taking up the whole thing. I rolled my eyes and set the table. The man dished up the plates and put the dishes away. “Ya know, I never got your name.” He pulled out my seat, gesturing to it politely with his other hand. I sat down and he pushed in the chair, then sitting in his own. “My name is Smith.” I restrained a laugh; it was so fake. “Uh huh. Okay, Smith, where are you from exactly?”

“I’d rather not say.” He took a bite of eggs.

“Just like you’d rather not say your real name?”

He sighed, “Correct. But it’s for your own good. Trust me.”

I finished some toast, a smile on my face, “Really? Okay, well… What’s with the, um, ya know.” I pointed to him. He tilted his head ever so slightly, confused. “Your wings?”

He stiffened uncomfortably, “Well,” his coat rustled a bit. “You ought to know my name.”

I took another mouthful and scooted forward in my chair, waiting quietly. “My name is Zain Stroph.” He wiped his hands on a napkin then held a hand out to me, “The pleasure is mine.” I shook his hand, quickly swallowing my huge bite of food. “Everyone calls me Lu. Just Lu”.


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