A Change in Pace (6)

Hey there! If you are just joining Lu’s adventure in “A Change in Pace,” please go to the List page or click on the links here and read A Change in PaceA Change in Pace (2), A Change in Pace (3), A Change in Pace (4), and A Change in Pace (5) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thank’s for reading!

The call “Dinner time!” rung through the house coming from the kitchen bar. We didn’t have a dining room table, so we ate at there. I walked to my seat and grabbed some of the chicken. Turned out, the onion chicken sauté was rescued from the burning. It was absolutely delicious. If my mom knew anything mother-like, it was cooking. I was perfectly convinced she could show up all of them on Iron Chef.

We finished eating and I was about to take care of my plate, but my mom stopped me with a simple little gesture she does- reaching her hand out ever so slightly, but not towards anything specific. “Honey, thank you for taking care of the man. Whatever you did. Honestly, I’m just thankful I didn’t have to do it.” I smiled, You don’t know the half of it, Mom. “Just… Thank you. I know that was hard for you.” I nodded, not saying anything, and took care of our plates. She was so laid back compared to the stories I heard from my friends’ parents.

Before long I was back in my room with his dry clothes chuckling successfully to myself, “She doesn’t know you’re here. She thinks I took care of you, like, out back in the dirt or something.” I figured he probably couldn’t hear me, but that was okay. It was like talking to an inanimate object: they didn’t talk back. “Dry clothes!” I dressed him and set him on my bed with the blanket around him. Even his boxers were dry and his lips weren’t blue anymore. Thank god. I smiled at my work, hands on my hips. Later, I’d hear his story, figure out what all happened, but for now he needed rest. I grabbed my laptop and sat criss-cross on the carpet, back leaning against the side of the bed. I’d be there when he woke up.

It was 1am and I was a half-conscious zombie with my laptop on my knees. I felt the bed move slightly, and when I looked over, there he was, watching the movie over my shoulder. I rubbed my eyes and yawned with a stretch, “O-oh, you’re awake. Um, welcome back to the waking world. Well… Sorta.” He chuckled in a low tone from somewhere in his chest in response. It was warm and kind. He spoke quietly, “Thank you for your hospitality.” It was so formal, yet it felt like that was how he always talked, like it was natural for him. Something almost supernatural about this man made me trust him. It overcame my better judgement without question. Now that he was awake and well, my body said it was time for sleep. “Don’t… let my… mom… see you…” were my last mumbled words before I was out.


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