A Change in Pace (4)

Hey there! If you are just joining Lu’s adventure in “A Change in Pace,” please go to the List page and read A Change in PaceA Change in Pace (2), and A Change in Pace (3),  before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thank’s for reading!

The chill on the air felt ominous now. The filthy stench of river water and drying mud hung in the air like a thick cloud of smoke. I pulled my jacket around me just a little more around my neck, off on another adventure. Opening the bed of the truck with our green hose in hand, I quietly whispered an apology and turned it on him. As the water hit the body, the mud washed away down the bed of the truck and then on to the ground. He had on dark jeans, sneakers, and a long black coat. It looked like there was nothing under it. The coat looked like it would go to halfway down his thighs, and his hair was smooth now that the dirt was out of it. “What’s your name, hmm? Where did you come from?” He didn’t seem to be decomposing, so the time of death must have been recently, within a couple days.

The hose now pointed towards the grass to the side. Mud cleaned off meant I got a better chance to take in his features more closely. For the first time, I realized his chest was rising and falling. I gasped, looking frantically between him and the house. I rapidly decided that my mom would have thought I was crazy. The hose silenced the stream of water, which I promptly dropped to the ground, and checked his pulse. He was, in fact, alive.

I had to get him inside. A wheelbarrow? I thought. My room was the garage, by request because it was so spacious. I punched in the combination to open the door and then went to the shed to grab the wheelbarrow. I need to work out more, this is NOT working. Ungracefully, I somehow managed to put him into the wheelbarrow and got us into the garage. While most garage rooms seem thrown together, mine was felt homely. A bed in one corner with a cluttered bookcase next to it, carpeted floors, a T.V. opposite from my bed, a desk pressed against the adjacent wall, and two softly warm-yellow lamps. It was nice and I spent most of my time in here, reading or on my laptop. Well, now so would he.


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