The Agency (3)

Hey there! If you are just joining Luna’s adventure in “The Agency,” please go to the List page and read The Agency and The Agency (2) before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thank’s for reading!

Home was the only place she could take off her coat, because it was the only place she could truly be herself, wolf ears, tail and all. The soft black ears rested atop her mass of dark curly hair. They were tipped with silver that accented the dark brown cascades. Luna’s tail was the same black as her ears with a spiral of silver around her tail from base to tip; from the side, it looked like slanted stripes all around. She was always so self-conscious about them… People hated her for them, for her ability to shapeshift, and mocked her for it. They called her “freak” and told her to leave because she’d “never fit in”. The lab testing… 

When she was just a little girl, the kids at The School snuck her out during the night and dumped her in a cage by the animal testing plant. It wasn’t a joke either. The adults at that care home had no idea what to do with her, and actually put a few of the students up to the task. People were afraid of her, and it costed Luna greatly.

An impatient whine and pawing at the front door snapped Luna from her thoughts. She never locked out Timone. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Where have you been all night?” Luna rushed to the door and unlocked it, opening it just enough to let the grey mutt in before closing it again. Timone hopped up onto the couch where he promptly sat down with a sass only he could muster. If dogs could glare, he was doing it. Luna crossed her arms, “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice. I didn’t do anything.”

Question is: where have you been? Timone asked. That was another gift Luna possessed: she could communicate with canines. Being half wolf, she could understand them and respond accordingly. “I’ve been sleeping here. Humans do that from time to time: sleep,” she went over and stroked down his back. No you were gone. Pack missed you.  

Pack referred to the group of dogs that ranged all over the city. All the strays and outside mutts that walked the streets and below, were considered part of Pack. It was how they communicated and how they survived; off of each other. Being alone and part wolf, they accepted her where the humans wouldn’t. These connections across the city was one trait that made her such a good… Such a good…?  Luna couldn’t remember. It wouldn’t come to her. Timone nuzzled her, sensing the loss of something. She laughed and nuzzled him back before throwing her arms around him in a hug. Her fingers ran through his soft fur, her cheek pressed to his fuzzy chest. He was always so comforting.

The cell phone on Luna’s coat buzzed. She reached over and grasped it with a groan. Just a text message from Beth: Hey, punk. You holding up over there? Luna couldn’t recall why everyone had left, but Beth was one of the few who stayed. She was part of the group that always met up to go searching for supplies and keep their sanity. Several who hadn’t gone to meetings lost it, running the streets and making it more dangerous for everyone, themselves included. Luna sent a quick reply: Fine fine. What happened last night? Beth was a fast texter: Nothing, everyone is fine. The wolf girl smiled faintly, “Good. Timone, everyone’s fine. See?” Luna held up the phone for Timone to see, he huffed in response. The cell buzzed in her hand again: Meeting at Brookesh Inc. 14:00. It was about 9am; the sky was overcast and the air was chill.


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