The Agency (2)

Hey there! If you are just joining Luna’s adventure in “The Agency,” please go to the List page and read The Agency before this one so you haven’t missed anything. Thank’s for reading!

Dazed and groggy, Luna woke up on the couch in her studio apartment. The dull brown walls stared back at her, and when she tried to get up, the coffee table greeted her like every other morning- with a hard edge to the shin. Luna swore under her breath while she lifted up her pant leg to check it. She knew what she would find; a red mark that would turn into a bruise, like its fellow bruises nearby.

The place was very small and it didn’t seem the landlord kept up with anything in the past decade. It was actually assumed that the landlord, Berny, died a while back and never turned the deed over to anyone. On the roof of the small apartment building was a little garden and a mini greenhouse off to the side. None of the homeless in the complex bothered with it, so Luna had taken it over. The people in the building never stole from each other, because they knew that the other didn’t have more than they did. No one dared to take from Luna, because when they needed to be treated for a sickness or stitched up from another fight, she did it for free on the roof top.

The young woman peeked out the ragged curtains of the one window she had. Streets carved through the city like etchings in stone. Building sizes ranged from skyscraper about 10 miles off, to modest homes on the outskirts. But many were empty. People were leaving… No- fleeing. Luna rubbed her forehead, the feeling and thought too far for her to reach. She knew they had good reason to run, but she simply couldn’t remember what that was. “Is it a person? A thing? Disaster?” Luna mumbled to herself, dropping the curtain back to its original position.

So caught up in trying to recall the new threat, Luna didn’t see her grey trench coat neatly folded on the arm of the couch with a cell phone resting on top. She never folded it up, only draped it on the back of the couch- odd.


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