The Agency

“She’s been compromised,” a male voice dully spoke from beyond the wall. Another spoke, seeming less disappointed about it, “Then get rid of her.” Everything seemed muffled and distant as if underwater.  “We can’t do that! You know this. Let’s just…” there was a sigh, “Let’s just do the procedure. Alright?” The only response that came was a faint, but gradually growing whirling noise.

            There was a young woman strapped into the chair, a machine hooked up to her finger that kept track of her vitals. The lab room was well lit, hospital white. She could feel the IV in her arm and cringed at the feeling. Everything was getting closer and closer with each second, the room coming into view. All she could remember was from the twilight before; her team was working on a special assignment, when things went horribly wrong. She was found out, her abilities shown to the enemy and even her own team. No one was supposed to find out…

            The whirling got faster and louder, thrumming in the confines of the small room. Nothing but a chair and a window in the room, the space itself was lonely. A scratchy male voice came over the intercom, one of the ones speaking earlier, “Maciav Industries; Agent 279- Luna-si Markov. Time is 3:46 on December 3, 2356. Starting the procedure.”

            The procedure? Panic flooded Luna, the young woman in the chair. She became much more aware of the sensation of something tapped into her at the base of her neck, connected to her spine. “Warming-up,” there was that voice again, reaching past the noise of the beeping machine. It was notifying her that her heart rate and blood pressure were in the danger zone, beyond what the little machine was capable of reading. Luna found she couldn’t speak. Her tongue felt heavy in her mouth, vision frayed and blurred at the edges, sensations ranging only from a dull throb to a constant pricking of pain. No, stop it.



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