This Height

I never realized how beautiful the view was from this height. My toes tickled the edge of the cliff face. The cool crisp air blew back my hair from my face; the mist in the air kissed my skin. I knew in that moment that I was never meant to be, because the world was there before me and would be there after me. I hadn’t made an impact on this beautiful place and now I never would.

The mountains and glaciers remained unmoving and I looked dead ahead. The wind stopped to listen, the trees growing still. It felt like the very animals across the mountain range made not a sound. Thunder applauded not far off, jolting me from the numb sense of serenity. Lightning flashed several miles away, illuminating the sky with a white and faintly purple streak. I glanced downwards and inhaled sharply: wrong move.

Suddenly, I didn’t know if I could do this. Then, a tiny yet calm voice in my head reassured me. It spoke that there wasn’t anything waiting for me at home, no family or friends, my coworkers never cared for me, and I was a ghost in the hallways at school. How could anything ever be any different than right now?

With a deep breath, I let go of my shaking nerves, closing my eyes…. And pushed off the edge.


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